Spectrum Dance Team

10958030_946992475357632_537756273918694443_oWelcome to Competitive Dance!

The Spectrum Dance Team is a group of elite dancers selected annually to represent Victoria’s School of Dance.

These students attend regional and national competitions, conventions and local events showcasing their skills and dedication to dance.

The team allows students to build confidence and improved self esteem, stage presence and poise, commitment and skills necessary to work with others on a team.

We’re excited to say that our studio has received countless choreography, judges and high score awards over the years. Those accolades are based on the commitment and dedication our Spectrum Dance Team has shown. We’re proud of our past dancers and look forward to working with the 2022-2023 team!

For more information, please call the studio or check out our facebook page to find out about tryouts and the 2023 Summer Schedule.

Our phone number is 813.671.1126.