Description of Dance Classes


At Victoria’s School of Dance, we offer a wide array of youth dance classes. From ballet to competitive dance, our professional instructors provide dance lessons that focus on proper techniques and skills which will help your child learn routines quickly and progress with confidence.

Ballet – Ballet is the classical dance form that can be mastered by itself or used as a technical base or supplement to other dance forms. Beauty, flow and elegance are inherent in the elements of ballet. Ballet lessons provide the building blocks and form required to succeed in all forms of dance. Ballet requires an incredible amount of discipline to be performed correctly. Classes focus on overall body alignment and awareness with emphasis on proper usage of feet and legs and the execution of turnout. Carriage and usage of upper torso and arms are also stressed. Traditional barre work, center work and combinations are included in all classes.

Tap – Tap focuses on rhythm and intricate footwork, creating a percussion instrument out of the dancer’s feet. Tap classes emphasize the development and strengthening of basic tap technique and terminology highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound.

Hip Hop / Jazz – A high energy class that uses the latest sounds in R&B and pop music together with movements influenced by some of today’s hottest video choreographers. Hip hop / Jazz is an exciting and ever evolving dance form full of rhythm, syncopation, passion and life. It encourages individual expression and the development of personal style. Classes explore body isolations of the head, shoulders, ribcage, feet and arms.

Contemporary / Modern – Modern dance is a contemporary dance form that has its roots in ballet. Unlike the tight structure of ballet, modern dance focuses both on movement as well as the philosophy of movement. Free-flowing modern emphasizes the use of the floor for centering and grounding oneself in movement.

Creative Movement – Creative Movement class encourages free expression, while teaching basic elements of dance, including rhythm, movement quality, space and body awareness. The child’s imagination and self-esteem are encouraged and strengthened through these dance classes.

Combination Classes – Combination classes are an introduction to the two basic dance styles (ballet and tap) for students ages 3-6. Ballet offers the foundation and movement, and tap teaches rhythm. The child’s imagination and self-esteem are encouraged and strengthened through these forms of dance.

Register for Dance Classes


We’re still in the process of setting up online registration for all of our classes.

In the meantime, please call Kay or Vicki at the studio to register for available classes.
Our phone number is 813.671.1126.